Our team at Looking Glass is building the first great hologram company of the 21st century, charting a course out of flatland for all.

Founded in 2014, we’re headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with additional operations in Hong Kong. Back in 2018, we launched the world’s first desktop holographic dev kit. In 2020, we launched Looking Glass Portrait, the first personal holographic display. And during the summer of 2022 we announced the world's largest holographic display, the Looking Glass 65" and the first way to share holograms on the internet on our Looking Glass Blocks platform. Yeah, we really love holograms.

Today, Looking Glass is committed to helping the world’s biggest brands, organizations, and millions of individual 3D creators around the world complete their journey into the holographic future. Our ultimate goal is to bring holograms to everyone. We think it’s going to be bigger than the shift from radio to television, or the shift from black and white to color. And we’re going to get there together, no dystopian futures allowed.

Our leadership team

Shawn Frayne
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Shawn is co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass working between their Brooklyn and Hong Kong offices. A graduate of MIT, Shawn got his start with a classic laser interference pattern holographic studio he built in high school, followed by training in advanced holographic film techniques while at MIT. He is listed on dozens of patents around the world, with inventions he has developed covered in Forbes, TIME, Popular Mechanics, and other major publications.

Rob Kodadek
Chief Operating Officer

Rob is a builder at heart and has focused his career on developing new technology and business models “from napkin sketches to commercialization”, engaging in collaborative partnerships, and building and leading amazing teams. He holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from MIT along with over 20 patents granted/pending.

Nitin Bhargava
VP, Business Development

Nitin Bhargava is the Vice President of Business Development and looks after sales and partnerships efforts for the Looking Glass Factory.Previously at littleBIts Electronics, MakerBot, and Kidrobot, Nitin has led sales, business development, and product teams to drive growth of unique products and categories. With a particular interest in commercializing new technologies, Nitin is always happy to discuss new implementations of holographic displays to drive the future faster.

Nikki Chan
VP, Customer Experience

Nikki oversees the teams responsible for customer support & success, onboarding, user education, and community. Nikki has been at Looking Glass since the early days of the L3D Cube where she was somehow convinced that 512 points-of-light would one day become billions. She's stayed at the company long enough (6.5+ years and counting) for this to come true.

Caleb Johnston
VP, Software

Caleb has seventeen years of experience in software engineering and management. He has delivered products and projects for startups, consultancies, and large enterprises. His professional work spans computer graphics, computer vision, and embedded systems. He previously led teams at Amazon and Intersection, where he also launched LinkNYC. He holds a B.S. from Purdue University and an M.Eng from Cornell.

Alex Duncan
Team Lead, Creative Tools

Alex Duncan, originally from Vancouver, Canada, came to New York to study game design at NYU. After graduation, he worked on games and digital media art while also teaching game development and history. Alex joined Looking Glass Factory in 2016 and now leads the Creator Tools team, making plugins and applications that empower our community of creators to make incredible holograms.

Casey Pugh
Team Lead, Blocks

Casey is a Peabody and Emmy-winning creative technologist in Brooklyn. In 2010, he created Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced film built for the internet. He co-founded the video distribution startup VHX, which was acquired by Vimeo in 2016. At Vimeo, he ran an R&D team to build experimental holographic streaming video. His current projects include the indie mobile game Wavelength, playing with web3, and a third fun thing that is a charming, specific hobby.

Guru Sundar
VP, Marketing

Guru is the VP of Marketing and oversees the entire marketing operation with a focus on branding, acquisition and growth. He is a passionate and product-minded strategic marketer with a unique engineering foundation (Cornell). He has spent his career focused on commercializing and marketing disruptive products in deep tech involving significant shifts in consumer behavior. His most recent experience was at another disruptive tech company, Butterfly Network, where he built and scaled the marketing operation as the company went from private to public.

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