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Download the sources build and run

The sources are hosted on the OpenSimulator Forge. For Windows(r), download the sources, run runprebuild2008.bat then run compile.bat. Then run bin/LookingGlass.exe. You might need to install the latest version of DirectX which can be fetched from Microsoft.

The real development sources are kept in a git repository. This is the latest version which is occasionally pushing into the Subversion repository mentioned above. Clone the git repository with:

git clone mydir
git clone mydir

Download precompiled binaries

LookingGlass 0.6.2 (November 14, 2010) is available pre-compiled for Windows XP 32-bit. Download and run to install LookingGlass onto your system. This works for XP, Vista and 7. It even runs on 64-bit system if run in XP compatibility mode.

Known problems:

  • There is a problem with some objects scattering around in the sky. This is actively being debugged.
  • There are occasional crashes involved with culling. If you get crashes, try setting culling for both distance and frustum to 'false' in bin/LookingGlass.json.

Pre-compiled binaries for Radegast 1.12 are available. This is an old version of Radegast and LookingGlass so problems abound. Download and install Radegast version 1.12 then download and install LookingGlass for Radegast. These are older versions of Radegast and LookingGlass (as of early December). There have been many improvements in both since then.

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