Meet Looking Glass Studio

Bringing your 3D art to life.

What is Looking Glass Studio?

Studio is a desktop application that allows you to import content from 3D programs you're already using like Unity, Unreal, & Blender. iPhone photos? No problem. Import, edit, and view holograms all in one magical tool. You can even sync for playback in standalone mode in Looking Glass Portrait! Compatible with Mac & PC.

For 3D artists

Export holographic scenes from Unity, Unreal Engine, & Blender into Looking Glass Studio and sync them onto your device so you can take your holographic creations with you on the go.

1. Add the Looking Glass camera.
2. Adjust focal plane & frame your scene.
3. Render out your creation & import.

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For photographers.

Did you know your Portrait mode photos can be holograms? What about shots from your DSLR, mirrorless, or film camera?

1. Convert your photos to 3D.
2. Import into Studio.
3. Frame your holograms & sync to your Looking Glass.

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A closer look into your future.

Creation isn't as fun when the process gets in the way. With Studio, the road to 3D magic has never been shorter.

Simple import and export.

Holograms come to 3D life in Looking Glass Portrait. See how you can bring your artwork to new dimensions today.

Tried and tested.

See what Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips and Norm Chan of Adam Savage’s Tested had to say about Looking Glass Studio.

Linus Tech Tips
“This Holographic Photo Frame is CRAZY!”
Adam Savage’s Tested
“How Holographic Doom Works on a Hologram Display!!!”

Goodbye GIFs.
Meet holograms.