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Viewer Interface

The viewer does not have user control directly embedded into the display window. As an alternative, it presents interfaces that can be controlled by user dialogs or scripted agents.

Currently there are two interfaces under development: an HTTP/JSON interface and the Communicator interface based on the MonoVida Communicator project.

Communicator Interface

This interface uses XML streams to communicate chat, presence, group, map and other information to a cloud of dialogs which give the user control of the virtual environment. The details of the protocol are on the Communicator pages.

HTTP/JSON Interface

The viewer is controlled by GETs and POSTs of JSON formatted messages to URL locations in the viewer. The available URLs are:

URL Operation
http://localhost:9144/api/chat GET and POST to chat in the world
http://localhost:9144/api/avatars GET information about avatars in the area
http://localhost:9144/api/stats/workQueues GET info on names and status of work queues
http://localhost:9144/api/stats/Renderer/detailStats GET renderer statistics
http://localhost:9144/api/stats/Renderer/ogreStats GET Ogre specific statistics
http://localhost:9144/api/LLLP/status GET info on current logged in state
http://localhost:9144/api/LLLP/connect POST login info
http://localhost:9144/api/stats/Comm/stats GET communication statistics
http://localhost:9144/api/params/Default GET a list of the default parameters
http://localhost:9144/api/params/Ini GET a list of the parameters set via the .json configuration file
http://localhost:9144/api/params/User GET a list of the parameters set for the user
http://localhost:9144/api/params/Override GET a list of the overridden parameters (command line)
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