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Chat Interface

Chat messages are queued by the viewer and are read via a GET request on the chat request URL. A chat message from the user is entered with a POST.

The chat URL is http://localhost:9144/api/chat.

The format of the GET response is a JSON map which, for each message, gives the time and the parameters for the message. A response could look like:

"200912121023344435": {
    "Time": "20091212102334435",
    "From": "Fred Flintstone",
    "Message": "Yaba daba doooo",
    "Type": "Shout",
    "EntryType": "Normal"
"20091212102336216": {
    "Time": "20091212102336216",
    "From": "Wilma Flintstone",
    "Message": "Fred! What will the Rubbles think?",
    "Type": "Whisper",
    "EntryType": "Normal"

This would be the response if two people had spoken since the last chat fetch. As you can see this is a map of maps with each of the latter being messages and the time being duplicated in the outer map.

The definitions of the fields are:

Property Value description
Time the time the chat message was received in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSSFFF
From name of who said the message
Message the message text
Type one of "Normal", "Shout", "Whisper", "OwnerSay", "RegionSay", "Debug"
EntryType one of "ChatTypeNormal", "ChatTypeStatusBlue", "ChatTypeStatusDarkBlue", "ChatTypeLindenChat", "ChatTypeObjectChat", "ChatTypeStartupTitle", "ChatTypeError", "ChatTypeAlert", "ChatTypeOwnerSay", "ChatTypeInvisible"
Position Position of the speaker in the format "<X,Y,Z>"
OwnerID if an object speaking, the owner of the object as a UUID

Sending a chat message is accomplished by POSTing to the chat url a message with the JSON body which looks like:

"Message": "Betty, what do you think is going on over there.",
"Channel": "0",
"Type": "Normal"
Property Value description
Message The text of the message
Channel the number of the channel speaking on. Zero is general chat.
Type one of "Normal", "Whisper", "Shout" )
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