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Progress Reports

  • September 19, 2010 I got tired of fighting with Ogre so there is now an OpenGL renderer. It's limping with textures, sculpties and basic scene display. The speed and memory footprint are better than Ogre and the scene management overhead is not to much of a problem. You switch renderers by copying either ModulesOgre.json or ModulesOGL.json into Modules.json.
  • July 3, 2010 A new precompiled binary version 0.5.4. This changes the cache directory structure to help performance and disables the comm object queuing code what was introducing a lot of odd bugs (things floating off into space). You have to log into an area multiple times to get everything loaded -- something is broken in item update.
  • May 31, 2010 A new version with a lot of little things fixed. Camera and avatar movement is MUCH smoother because of finding bugs and adding position and rotation animation code. That also means that movement of animated objects is now smooth. LG works great in OSGrid/Lbsa Plaza but larger sims like OSGrid/Wright Plaza stretch the bounds of memory. SkyX now works with OpenGL although the shaders aren't all together for the sun and moon lighting. Avatars are still stuck in T-pose and attachments are at the feet. Sitting avatars now are near the sit location and not at the sim's 0,0. Also upgraded to the latest libomv. A new Windows 32-bit installation package is in the download section.
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