Default Parameters

As mentioned on the configuration page, all possible parameters start as a default which can be over ridden by command line parameters or entries in LookingGlass.json. The list of current default parameters is a web page from LookingGlass at "".

Here is a sample of the default parameters on my development system on July 8, 2010. More parameters have probably been added since this sample was taken.

value description C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Application Data\LookingGlass Directory that holds the user configuration files
settings.file LookingGlass.json Persistant settings configuration file
settings.modules Modules.json Modules configuration file
log.filterlevel 89478485 Default, initial logging level
restmanager.port 9144 Local port used for rest interfaces
restmanager.baseurl Base URL for rest interfaces
restmanager.csslocalurl /std/LookingGlass.css CSS file for rest display
restmanager.uicontentdir C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassUI Directory for static HTML content Default If specified, the subdirectory under StaticContentDir to take files from
comm.assets.cachedir C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Application Data\LookingGlass Filesystem location to build the texture cache
comm.assets.enablecaps false Whether to use the caps asset system if available
comm.assets.omvresources ./LookingGlassResources/openmetaverse_data Directory for resources used by libopenmetaverse (mostly for appearance)
comm.assets.notexturefilename C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassResources/NoTexture.png Filename of texture to display when we can't get the real texture
comm.assets.nosculptyfilename C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassResources/NoSculpty.png Filename of texture to display when we can't get the real texture
comm.assets.convertpng true whether to convert incoming JPEG2000 files to PNG files in the cache
comm.texture.maxrequests 4 Maximum number of outstanding textures requests
comm.settings.multiplesims false Wether to connect to multiple sims
comm.settings.movementupdateinterval 100 Milliseconds between movement messages sent to server
comm.settings.connection.applicationname LookingGlass Application name sent when logging in
comm.settings.connection.version LookingGlass V0.5.6 Version stringsent when logging in
world.ll.agent.premoveavatar true Whether to move avatar when user types (otherwise wait for server round trip)
world.ll.agent.premove.rotfudge 3.0 Degrees to rotate avatar when user turns (float)
world.ll.agent.premove.flyfudge 2.5 Meters to move avatar when moves forward when flying (float)
world.ll.agent.premove.runfudge 1.5 Meters to move avatar when moves forward when running (float)
world.ll.agent.premove.movefudge 0.4 Meters to move avatar when moves forward when walking (float)
world.communication Comm Communication to connect to Renderer . 10 Units per second to move camera 0.100 Degrees to rotate camera 300.0 Far distance sent to server 4.0 Distance camera is behind agent 2.0 Distance camera is above agent (combined with behind) OgreUI Module to handle user IO on the rendering screen LookingGlass Name of the Ogre resources to load
renderer.ogre.skyboxname LookingGlass/CloudyNoonSkyBox Name of the skybox resource to use
renderer.ogre.shadowtechnique none Shadow technique: none, texture-additive, texture-modulative, stencil-modulative, stencil-additive
renderer.ogre.shadowfardistance 400 Integer units of distance within which to do shadows (mul by magnification)
renderer.ogre.renderer OpenGL Rendering Subsystem Name of the rendering subsystem to use
renderer.ogre.videomode 800 x 600@ 32-bit colour Initial window size
renderer.ogre.framepersecmax 30 Maximum number of frames to display per second
renderer.shouldrenderonmainthread false True if ogre rendering otherwise someone has to call RenderOneFrame
renderer.ogre.pluginfilename plugins.cfg File that lists Ogre plugins to load
renderer.ogre.resourcesfilename resources.cfg File that lists the Ogre resources to load
renderer.ogre.defaultnummipmaps 4 Default number of mip maps created for a texture (usually 6)
renderer.ogre.cachedir C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Application Data\LookingGlass Directory to store cached meshs, textures, etc
renderer.ogre.preloadeddir C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassResources/Preloaded/ Directory to for preloaded textures, etc
renderer.ogre.defaultterrainmaterial LookingGlass/DefaultTerrainMaterial Material applied to terrain
renderer.ogre.ocean.processor none The processing routine to create the ocean. Either 'none' or 'hydrax'
renderer.ogre.oceanmaterialname LookingGlass/Ocean The ogre name of the ocean texture
renderer.ogre.defaultmeshfilename C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassResources/LoadingShape.mesh Filename of the default shape found in the cache dir
renderer.ogre.defaulttexturefilename C:\dev\lookingglass\trunk\bin\./LookingGlassResources/LoadingTexture.png Filename of the default texture found in the cache dir
renderer.ogre.defaulttextureresourcename LoadingTexture.png Resource name of the default texture
renderer.ogre.whitetextureresourcename Preload/57/5748decc-f629-461c-9a36-a35a221fe21f Resource name of a white texture used as default base color
renderer.ogre.ll.scenemagnification 1 Magnification of LL coordinates into Ogre space
renderer.ogre.ll.renderinfomaterialcreate true Create materials while gathering mesh generation info (earlier than mesh creation)
renderer.ogre.ll.earlymaterialcreate false Create materials while creating mesh rather than waiting
renderer.ogre.ll.defaultavatarmesh Preload/00000000-0000-2222-3333-112200000003 Entity name of mesh to use for avatars
renderer.ogre.betweenframe.workmillisecondsmax 300 Cost of queued C++ work items to do between each frame 200 The total cost of C# operations to do between each frame
renderer.ogre.serializematerials false Write out materials to files (replace with DB someday)
renderer.ogre.serializemeshes true Write out meshes to files
renderer.ogre.forcemeshrebuild false True if to force the generation a mesh when first rendered (don't rely on cache)
renderer.ogre.prebuildmesh true True if to make sure the mesh exists before creating the scene node
renderer.shouldsharemeshes true True if to share meshes with similar characteristics
renderer.ogre.useshaders true Whether to use the new technique of using GPU shaders
renderer.ogre.collectogrestats true Whether to collect detailed Ogre stats and make available to web
renderer.ogre.shouldqueuemeshoperations true True if to try and use threads and delayed mesh load and unload operations
renderer.avatar.mesh.infodir ./LookingGlassResources/openmetaverse_data Directory containing avatar description information
renderer.avatar.mesh.description avatar_lad.xml File containing detailed avatar mesh description
renderer.avatar.mesh.descriptiondir ./LookingGlassResources/character Directory with detailed avatar mesh description info Default Name of the key system to use
renderer.ogre.skyx.lightinghdr true Use high resolution lighting shaders 2.0 Initial camera near clip distance 30000.0 Initial camera far clip distance
renderer.ogre.ambient.scene <0.4,0.4,0.4> color value for scene initial ambient lighting
renderer.ogre.ambient.material <0.4,0.4,0.4> color value for material ambient lighting
renderer.ogre.sun.color <1.0,1.0,1.0> Color of light from the sun at noon
renderer.ogre.moon.color <0.6,0.6,0.8> Color of light from the moon
renderer.ogre.visibility.processor FrustrumDistance Name of the culling plugin to use ('FrustrumDistance', 'VariableFrustDist', 'none')
renderer.ogre.visibility.cull.frustrum false whether to cull (unload) objects if not visible in camera frustrum
renderer.ogre.visibility.cull.distance true whether to cull (unload) objects depending on distance from camera
renderer.ogre.visibility.cull.meshes true unload culled object meshes
renderer.ogre.visibility.cull.textures true unload culled textures
renderer.ogre.visibility.maxdistance 200 the maximum distance to see any entites (far clip)
renderer.ogre.visibility.mindistance 30 below this distance, everything is visible
renderer.ogre.visibility.onlylargeafter 120 After this distance, only large things are visible
renderer.ogre.visibility.large 8 How big is considered 'large' for 'OnlyLargeAfter' calculation
renderer.ogre.visibility.meshesreloadedperframe 80 When reloading newly visible meshes, how many to load per frame Comm Name of comm module to connect to
commlllprest.apiname LLLP Name of api for this comm control
controlviews.splashscreen.enable true Default action is to show the splash screen
controlviews.worldview.enable true Default action is to enable the view window
controlviews.avatarview.enable true Default action is to enable the view window
controlviews.chatview.enable true Default action is to enable the view window Renderer The renderer we will get UI from
viewerwindow.framespersec 15 The rate to throttle frame rendering
renderer.ogre.externalwindow.handle 133450 The window handle to use for our rendering
renderer.ogre.externalwindow.width 800 width of external window
renderer.ogre.externalwindow.height 600 Height of external window
regiontracker.regions.enable true Whether to make region information available Renderer Name of renderer module for display of region details Comm Name of LLLP comm to connect to C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Application Data\LookingGlass Directory that should contain the grid filename
grids.filename Grids.json Filename of grid specs